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Everything You Need to Know About Our Coaching Services


Explore how MajorSage’s services make your business better and help achieve your goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Business Coaching

What is business coaching?

Business coaching involves guiding businesses on strategy, efficiency, and problem-solving to improve performance and profitability. MajorSage Business Coaching specializes in coaching manufacturers and B2B companies to enhance their operations and get results.

How can business coaching help reduce employee turnover?

MajorSage focuses on installing and implementing operational frameworks that improve hiring practices and employee satisfaction, This enhances workplace morale and reduces turnover.

What kind of businesses do you work with?

MajorSage Business Coaching works primarily with manufacturers and B2B companies looking to improve their operations, sales and marketing, and employee hiring and experience.

What is included in your Sales Training service?

Our Sales Training features a framework that harnesses the power of story. Sales communication that invites the customer into a story results in better prospecting, higher closing rates, and improved customer retention. This conversational method is tailored to avoid the cliches and canned techniques and boost your team’s performance and sales results.

How does your Marketing Instruction service work?

We coach using the principles embodied in the StoryBrand messaging framework. This proven messaging method provides comprehensive strategies and training on effective marketing techniques tailored to the unique needs of B2B companies, enhancing lead generation and ROI.

What are Fractional Residencies?

Fractional Residencies involve experienced executives temporarily joining your team to provide strategic leadership and implement high-level initiatives and frameworks.

Can you help with hiring strategies?

Yes, the best hiring strategy is to retain top talent who recruits other star performers. And our Business Optimization service includes developing and refining clearer roles and descriptions to ensure efficient hiring and a more stable and efficient workforce.

What results can I expect from your coaching?

You can expect improved operational efficiency, higher morale, reduced employee turnover, increased sales, and higher profitability.

How long does it typically take to see results?

Results can vary, but many clients start seeing significant improvements within the first few months of coaching.

Do you offer customized coaching services?

Yes, all our coaching services are customized to meet the specific needs and challenges of your business.

What is the first step to start working with MajorSage Business Coaching?

The first step is to schedule a no-obligation strategy session to understand your challenges and goals and how we can help.

How do your public speaking engagements benefit my company?

Our speaking engagements are designed to inspire and educate your team or audience, leading to improved motivation and skill sets.

What makes MajorSage Business Coaching different from other business coaches?

Our 40 years of manufacturing and complex selling experience, coupled with proven frameworks, set us apart in delivering effective solutions.

How often would we meet for coaching sessions?

The frequency of coaching sessions can vary based on your needs, typically ranging from weekly to monthly.

Is there a minimum commitment period for your coaching services?

While we offer single-day one-on-one VIP engagements, and team workshops, We generally recommend a minimum commitment of three months for implementation of operational frameworks to ensure meaningful impact and results.

Can coaching be conducted virtually?

Yes, we offer both in-person and virtual coaching sessions to accommodate your needs and location.

Will Hiring a Business Made Simple Coach Help Grow My Company?

Partnering with a Business Made Simple coach can be instrumental in expanding your company. A coach provides the clarity and direction needed to progress by meticulously assessing various facets of your business, such as marketing strategies, sales efficiency, strategic planning, vision and mission statements, communication, and leadership.

When these critical components are evaluated and enhanced, your business is positioned to follow a growth trajectory, which can significantly increase its value. However, the key to leveraging the full potential of a Business Made Simple coach lies in the partnership between you and your coach.

While discussion is beneficial, it ultimately comes down to you implementing changes discussed and taking decisive action. Unlike hiring a contractor who does the work for you, a coach guides and supports you while you make the strategic decisions and changes necessary for your business’s growth.

Engage actively with your coach, and apply the insights and strategies discussed, and you will see your company grow in meaningful ways.

Do you provide support after the coaching period ends?

Yes, we offer ongoing support and follow-up services to ensure sustained success and continuous improvement.

How is your coaching tailored to manufacturing companies?

Our coaching is tailored to address the specific challenges and dynamics of the manufacturing sector, focusing on operational efficiency and workforce management.

What payment options are available for your services?

We offer various payment options, including monthly billing, value-based pricing, and project-based fees, to accommodate different budgetary needs.

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Every business leader deserves access to the tools that will help them succeed

Business leaders are drowning in a sea of advice without anyone to help them sort out what is relevant and what works. At MajorSage Business Coaching we understand this frustration, so we work with our clients to develop a personalized success plan. Then we guide them through the implementation of proven frameworks that have already helped thousands of business leaders.

How it works

The process is simple


We’ll meet to understand your unique issues and strengths and develop an individualized success plan to help you know where to focus first.


We’ll meet for regularly-scheduled sessions to keep you on track and make sure all the parts are working together.

Crush it!

You’ve done it! Now you and your business are functioning as designed. You can enjoy growing your business profitably and the freedom to focus on what really matters.
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We get it. Leadership can feel lonely.

You don’t have to go it alone.

A certified business coach can guide you through the implementation of proven Business Made Simple frameworks that have worked for thousands of business leaders just like you. You can do it. We’re here to help.

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“There was never a question he could not answer, a problem he could not solve and a challenge he could not overcome. In presentations and meetings, George shines with natural charm, charisma and a quick wit… George is a business thoroughbred.”
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George is a creative, hard-working, and detail-oriented professional whom I have known and worked with for years. I highly recommend him.
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