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Overcoming High Turnover and Poor Hiring to Accelerate Business Growth

June 17, 2024
Geo Booth


In labor intensive industries, such as manufacturing and business-to-business (B2B) sales, growth is impossible without hiring qualified people in the right roles. When companies of this type complain they can’t find and keep good people, it's usually the
result of a problem in one of the following three areas:

  • Vision
  • Management
  • Hiring

If any one of these areas is not providing what the ideal team members need, they will not say yes to a job offer, or even worse, qualified team members will seek better opportunities elsewhere.

MajorSage Business Coaching, with an extensive background in business coaching and consulting is a beacon for businesses aiming to overcome problems in these three areas. For most B2B and manufacturing companies, high turnover and poor hiring are the result of desperation. “Just hire somebody – anybody!,” the reasoning goes. And the productivity losses mount.

Not only that, but the financial hits keep coming as these companies spend more to recruit over and over and bear the same costs of orienting and training new hires with each new wave of turnover.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, existing employees’; morale suffers as resources are directed away from ongoing training, recognition, and other job enhancements, this dissatisfaction results in more turnover, so the cycle repeats.

But Where Does this Come From?

As stated above, for most companies this is usually a problem of vision, management, or hiring. But we have to understand what today’s workers are looking for so we can understand and explain how a given company’s vision, management, and hiring fall short.

Generations In The Workforce

For the first time in human history, there are five generations represented in the workforce: Builders, Boomers, Generation X, Millennials, and Generation Z. Each cohort has its own preferences, its own relationship with authority and decision-making, and its own ideas of what a job or career should be.

Perhaps the most efficient way to sort this is to recognize that the older a worker is, the more likely it is that a job is about security. What is challenging to the older demographics that are oriented toward survival and security, is that the younger cohorts have never known a world where food, clothing, and shelter weren’t a given.

This means that employers can’t convince workers to join – or to stay – on the basis of survival-tier benefits or threats. Rather, for these workers, the primary motivation is success. This, for example, is why interviewers will report being taken aback when younger workers have “unrealistic” expectations regarding salaries, benefits, and advancement. When employers realize that the motivation and orientation toward work is rooted in something other than than subsistence – even among entry-level jobs – they can begin recruiting more effectively.

Analyzing the Underlying Causes

The current high turnover combined with an overall lack of suitable candidates is not just an HR issue. As we’ve said, the lack of qualified and experienced people erodes the foundation of a B2B or manufacturing company. Here’s how failures of Vision, Management, and Hiring can restore a failing organization:


A company’s failure to provide a compelling vision for the entire team is one reason those companies fail to hire and retain excellent team members. People are checked out. They may be part of the “quiet quitting” phenomenon, or they may simply be in the wrong role.

Under the best circumstances, enlightened companies spell out a set of three key financial objectives, the date by which the company intends to achieve those objectives, and – most important of all – the reason why it matters.

When a company clearly states its purpose and the actions it will take to fulfill that purpose, team members understand the significance of their contributions, leading to higher engagement. This in turn results in greater efficiency, and increased profitability.


When a company conducts its business in an unfocused way, people show up without purpose, and spend their work hours trying to look busy. To be sure, some work gets done, but morale suffers, customers notice the lack of energy and enthusiasm, and the experience is stale.

When a company installs the right business operating system that energizes the workplace and generates transparency, accountability, visibility, recognition, and rewards. These are the attributes of workplaces younger workers want to work for. But honestly, every workers wants and deserves to work for a company that knows how to lead and how to appreciate them.

A strong business operating system matches workers with tasks that play to their strengths and give them opportunities to excel. The system codifies the corporate, departmental, and individual goals for each quarter, and erects a structure of accountability for every role.
Meetings take place on a regular schedule so everyone has a chance to understand how the company/division/department is doing in pursuit of its goals. This provides visibility and makes management as accountable to front line workers as those employees are to their bosses.

Meetings do build in time to recognize wins – on a group and/or on an individual level. But there’s more. Instead of providing a postmortem of a year’s work and awarding a bonus (or not) based on backward-looking feedback, a strong business operating system implements a quarterly review system that collects information on progress toward quarterly goals every week, and builds in opportunities for feedback while there is still time to implement it.


Let’s be frank: hiring is the company marketing itself to prospective new hires. As we hope it is already clear, having a solid vision and a strong business operating system make one’s company a genuinely good place to work. The best hiring messaging in the world won’t cause employees to stick around if the work environment doesn’t engage them.

But when the employee experience (EX) is marked by transparency, accountability, visibility, recognition, and rewards, communicating the benefits of working for a company become much easier.

We recommend using the StoryBrand messaging framework for job postings, and social media posts regarding employment opportunities. The goal is to invite the prospective new hire into a story – their own story – that gets interesting and rewarding when they come to work for your company.

How MajorSage Can Help You

MajorSage founder and CEO Geo Booth has over 40 years’; experience in manufacturing and complex selling environments. As a result, MajorSage Business Coaching has developed a set of proven frameworks that directly address these these pervasive issues.

Our approach begins with an assessment of the company’s overall health, organizational culture and leadership, and operational processes to understand the causes of high turnover and/or unfilled jobs and to develop a plan to fix them.

Custom Solutions Offered by MajorSage Business Coaching

To combat efficiency and profit losses due to weaknesses in vision, management, and hiring, MajorSage Business Coaching offers a range of tailored solutions designed to transform any company’s operations, culture, and employee experience.

  1. VIP Days: We work with you one-on-one or with your leadership team to cast a
    compelling vision and gain clarity around your company’s guiding principles.
  2. Workshops: You and your team can write a better story – individually and collectively. By creating a life plan, you set in motion a series of choices, goals, and accomplishments that add up to a life of significance.
  3. Operations Optimization: We implement a set of frameworks to streamline operations and increase efficiency. By refining your company’s vision, we implement a business operating system that brings transparency, accountability, visibility, recognition, and
    rewards to your team. And we do it with just five internal meeting types so people don’t spend their time on unproductive meetings.
  4. Sales Training: Our expert-led training programs are designed to help your people learn to love sales. We do this by teaching them how to make the customer the hero in their own story. We help your sales reps prepare for each customer meeting with purpose, curiosity, and hospitality.Well-trained employees are more likely to feel valued and have a greater sense of loyalty.
  5. Marketing Instruction: We provide marketing teams with the tools and strategies that harness the ancient power of stpry to communicate with clarity. A well-marketed brand not only attracts customers but also top talent, improving the quality of hires.
  6. Fractional Residencies (FcxO): MajorSage Business Coaching offers temporary executive services to provide hands-on implementation and training in the new frameworks. This helps stabilize the organization through transitional periods, ensuring continuity and reducing the impact of turnover.
  7. Hiring Packages: Having a great operating system for your business gives you a whole new way of talking about it to the market. To recruit and retain top talent, you need expert-level job postings, job descriptions, and on-boarding resources. MajorSage Business Coaches offers custom hiring packages so your ideal candidates feel like you’re speaking directly to them.
  8. Public Speaking: Inspire and motivate your group with one of our keynote addresses. Or book Certified Business Coach Geo Booth to speak on a relevant topic of your choosing.Our talks are intended to boost morale and foster a culture of continuous personal and organizational improvement.
  9. Online Learning Resources: Provide a functional business education to your team, or gain new insights for yourself. Our video-based micro lessons break it down and deliver the needed information with no fluff. Courses and modules have downloadable workbooks so you can make what you learn permanent. (Learn more about Small Business Flight School)
  10. Culture Development: Have you ever wished you could understand what makes your people tick? Our assessment tool reveals the motivating factors of leaders, managers, and front-line workers, while giving you a dashboard to track your progress toward a highly functioning, engaged team.
  11. Implementation Tools: Implementing a new operating system for your business generates a lot of new practices with a lot of information. To make sure these changes take root and grow to fruitful maturity, we offer a cloud-based tool to help your team stay on track. Individual, departmental, and company goals and progress are all saved automatically to ensure the mission succeeds.

Searching For a Hero

Are you a business leader frustrated by increasing turnover, shrinking sales, and dwindling profits? Awaken the hero within you by installing and implementing the MajorSage Magnetic Transformation. In approximately six months, you and your team can create anew future for
your company by transforming your company’s culture.

Stop partying like it’s 1999 – today’s workforce is looking for a great place to work. You can be that place if you’re willing to adopt the practices that meet today’s workers where they are.


Labor-intensive businesses cannot afford to run outdated management and hiring strategies.TO achieve profitable growth, companies need to attract and keep top talent by creating a work environment that is simultaneously goal oriented and hospitable. That’s what
the MajorSage Magnetic Transformation is all about.

Become the go-to employer for today’s workforce by booking a no-strings call now. And let us help you transform these changing
times into opportunities for growth and profitability.

Let’s go, Hero!

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