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Choose the resources you need to be successful in business and in life.

One-on-one Coaching

3 -12 month intensives to address your specific needs

At some point, everybody gets so close to their business challenges that they need the perspective and guidance of a trusted advisor. A coach fills that role and can help you get to the next level.

Although coaching is a significant commitment, the return on your effort will far exceed your upfront investment.

(All one-on-one coaching engagements include a one-year subscription to Business Made Simple University.)

Group Cohort Coaching

Partner with business peers and your coach to pursue your breakthrough

Doing it on your own is good, but it can only take you so far. To go further faster, get certified business coaching in the company of your business peers. Groups can be oriented toward a specific skill or a cluster of skills in three-month or six-month modules.

Receive coaching with your own team, or get matched with other professionals pursuing the same goals.

(Group coaching engagements are billed per participant with a maximum of eight per group. Each participant’s contract includes a one-year subscription to Business Made Simple University.)

Custom Coaching Programs

Need a combination of individual and group coaching? No problem.

If you want individual coaching for yourself and group coaching for your leadership team, we can structure a proposal just for you.

This can include a Hero On A Mission workshop, a wider rollout of Business Made Simple University (BMSU) subscriptions for other team members, and copies of Business Made Simple for the entire enterprise.

(Hint: Consider sponsoring a Hero On A Mission workshop as a gift for a key customer or supplier.)

Whatever you choose, we make it about you. Let’s go, Hero!

Business Made Simple University

Everything You Need to Know to Grow a Business

Grow your business and accelerate your career with a subscription to Business Made Simple University — the on-demand online learning platform that will teach you everything you need to know to grow a business.

One year of unlimited access to a growing library of courses costs just US $275.

Learn what the pros know.

Hero On A Mission Workshop

Get clarity. Crush your goals. Live a life of meaning.

Fate is a lousy writer. Wouldn’t it be energizing to wake up each day knowing that you’re taking part is a great story — one that you’re helping to write?

That’s the purpose of the Hero On A Mission Workshop. You’ll create a life plan, learn an effective goal setting and project management technique, and get a daily planner you can use for life.

The workshop takes half a day, but it can change your life.

Let’s go, Hero!

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